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New York Spring Fashion Week 2018

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

It's the time to STRIKE A POSE! Pull out you best style and gowns and show it DOWN!

One of the best shows I've seen thus far. Mac Duggals Fashion show, taken place at the lovely the Angel Orensanz.

Like most fashion shows, In order to get in an event you either, A. must have a seat number and/or B. be part of media "of Course"; however, with so many people that attend it can become a bit difficult on who-is- who right!? Well, I was very pleased to know this was no get in free pass zone. People either had tickets, fillers, media and/or like myself V.I.P. So you have to be legit or you was sent home.

the organization of the staff was professional... "that is the Real Deal with Reel Rose".

The decor of the room gave it a grunge artistic elegance. Looking like a school church from the outside, this wasn't your typical runway. The show began around 5:30 pm with some upbeat remixed top 40 hit songs of 2017 and kicked off with an elegant red gown to bring "ooohs and ahhs" to the stage. I felt the gowns all had they're own flare to the room. Each model took the stage with their own unique attraction to the room. All eyes was on them and the many nods as people, like myself took to social media, photos and points of interest was placing their bids on which dress they would wear to and why.

Each detail of these dresses was handled to perfection. I was at the edge of my seat when I saw such quality and glam. There is no doubt about it, I will be at the next show 2019 and plan to not only support his brand but to pass along his beautiful design to customers.

Many of which, attend special events and looking for new and very well prepared custom dresses.

After the show I was pleased to see the models as well as Mr. Duggal himself taking photos and giving a generous gift bag with useful items to use with style. This is what fashion is all about!

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